Your website is your primary marketing channel. Orange Web Design clients receive full support to help with their website maintenance changes, whether that be some simple text changes or a full website makeover. Website maintenance changes are done in a timely manner to ensure your website is up-to-date and performing at its best in Doha Qatar.

For over 18 years in Qatar, our web designers have been looking after our client's websites. Specialising in Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc, our team has extensive experience in supporting these platforms ranging from the simple to the complex.

Our website maintenance services experts n Qatar are friendly, courteous, and most importantly, responsive to your web maintenance needs. They will always provide an estimate of the number of hours it should take to do the job and notify you by telephone or email upon completion.

We have included each of our website maintenance services as per your requirements to make sure your long-term or short-term success associated with the online marketing. Even our website maintenance in Qatar will include editing, revising and changing already existing pages to keep any website up to date. At the same time, we regularly check web design codes and fix in case of any code errors or any bugs in the website.

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In Website Maintenance Services We Offer

  • We monitor your web site intermittently and upon your request.
  • We check for and fix any broken links.
  • We perform performance checkup of an online server
  • We check for poor or fading images and replace as required.
  • We will test all e-mail accounts (requires you to confirm receipt).
  • We will remain in-touch with your server(s) and inform you if any server changes are important to your account.
  • Update, correct or remove HTML web pages as requested
  • Update specials
  • Update photo gallery
  • Image scanning, optimisation and adding images to web sites
  • Verify all links – monthly health check for website
  • Creation of New Pages
  • Partial design changes to existing design to increase the site performance
  • Recommendations to customer regarding website appearance, functionality, look and feel to improve website performance.

Web Platforms We Support

Our Support & Optimisation team regularly work with several different web platforms built on PHP and .NET frameworks, as well as entirely custom builds.

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